Forest School Session

Pond Photo Before each session
An inspection of the site will be carried out prior to each session by the Forest School Leader.

  • Forest School Session
  • Registration at meeting point.
  • Check all documentation.
  • Parents/carers sign children in.
  • Children are encouraged to use the toilets before leaving home.
  • Head count before leaving meeting point.
  • Walk to Base Camp area.
  • All do head count when we get there.
  • Name game.
  • Set up Base Camp.
  • Children set out boundary flags and danger flags.
  • 1, 2, 3 Where are you? Game to get back to Base Camp.
  • Briefing on planned activities.
  • Children go off exploring, do planned activities or engage in their own child led activity.
  • Praise given throughout session.
  • Assistance and guidance given if required.
  • Towards the end of the session do show and tell of achievements and feedback.
  • Clear site, leaving it as we found it.
  • All do head count.
  • Return to meeting point.
  • All do head count.
  • Parents/carers sign children out.